Stop living with spongy muddy ground, dying grass and landscaping, areas of unused property not to mention the mosquitos.

Infiltration is a critical design feature dependent on both soil profiles and soil condition. Soil compaction is the enemy of sustainable landscaping designs and installations.

Standing water, or ponding, can cause significant human health risks from waterborne diseases, decrease productivity and affect your quality of life.

Today urban areas are increasingly retrofitting communities with Infiltration-based techniques for keeping untreated runoff from entering the sewer system. Common examples of green infrastructure practices which rely on infiltration for performance, include rain gardens, bioswales, and porous pavement.

Since green infrastructure designs are dependent on subsurface soils for performance, the HydroFlow™ rapid infiltration system was developed to improve soil conditions and promote infiltration.
Made with environmentally friendly and safe components.

It's Simple. It's Safe. It Works.

This system encompasses various engineering applications under the following;

  • Engineering design flexibility with enhanced traditional stormwater methodologies through stand-alone infiltration systems.

  • Increased capillary action, hydraulic conductivity, and soil permeability.

  • Enhanced soil stabilization: e.g. primary and secondary roads, highways, parking lots, railroad crossings and airport runways.
  • Improved retention pond design and maintenance.

  • Significantly improved flood/surface-water ponding mitigation within most soil profiles.

  • Enhanced hydrologic connectivity between landscapes and wetlands to surface water systems.

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